Chef David Hill – Naples, Florida

David Hill didn’t always cook for Cindy Crawford, believe it or not he started where the rest of us usually start, at the very bottom.  David learned to cook at a very young age and had a true passion for it.  there was no second guessing, he wanted to get  into the culinary industry right away.  His big break?

“Believe it or not I started out washing dishes.  The local chinese restaurant in my area was always busy and needed help so I said why not.  I actually learned a lot just by observing the cooks, it was a great learning experience.”

David went on to discuss his college background, in which he graduated top of his class in culinary school in Michigan.  Afterwards, he landed his first “real” cooking job, where he eventually, within a year, became Head Chef at the local Michigan restaurant.  After a few years there, he knew he needed a change of scenery.  David moved to Florida not only for the weather, but for a chance to experiment a bit more with the tropical flavors and ingredients that came with the Florida lifestyle.

It wasn’t soon after his move that David started working in the country club setting, working his way up to executive chef at one of the most prestigious country clubs in South West Florida.  However, after awhile, he realized he wasn’t finding fulfillment.

“I felt I was just ready to branch out on my own.  I felt I had learned a lot and wanted to put myself to the test.  I had such amazing feedback throughout my life and had the opportunity to meet such amazing people, I thought it would be exciting to be a private chef.  I noticed that there was a real need for private events and functions, especially in the Naples area.”

David has spent the last 6 years of his life providing the ultimate gourmet dining experience all over South West Florida.  Whether at people’s private homes, functions, country clubs, vacation rentals, and yes even yachts, David is available for hire.  That’s right, you no longer have to leave your own home to experience the amazing cuisine of Chef David Hill.  He also wasn’t afraid to name drop.

“I’ve got a couple clients who are A-list celebrities.  Cindy Crawford (supermodel) and Torii Hunter (professional baseball player) just to name a few.”

Not only is David an extremely talented chef, but he is the definition of a true professional; he is one of a kind and cares only about his clients.  Having someone say that they loved his food is the ultimate way you can pay him.  So if you are in the Naples, Bonita, or Ft. Myers area, or anywhere in between, and are looking to get treated like a celebrity, give Chef David a call to get the royal treatment that you, your friends, and your family deserve.  If you want to see a glimpse of what David cooks on a daily basis, check out his website that we build for him,

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