Fairways Wine Vault – Naples, Florida

All I could think about when walking through the 3,000 square foot temperature controlled wine cellar was wow, I have never seen a wine cellar this big. But my tour was just beginning. As Cheryl, (manager of Fairways Wine Vault), led me out of the cellar, we entered a monstrous room that I was shocked to find out belonged to them as well. There are many variables that make Fairways Wine Vault different from your average wine store, and we can start with this one.

Wine connoisseurs listen closely… Fairways Wine Vault, opened in 2008, has over 30,000 square feet of climate controlled and air conditioned storage. 30,000 square feet! Looking for somewhere to store your wine? Look no further, because Fairways can handle virtually any size of collection, ranging from a closet size to the size of an entire room.

The other variable that makes them unique? Not only does Fairways have thousands and thousands of wines, ports, and champagnes to choose from; they have the most rare collection of wine for a retailer in all of Florida. So if you’re a collector, or just enjoy great wine, you’ll fall in love at Fairways Wine Fault, the only high-end wine store in town, located in Naples, FL.

In regards to the staff, there isn’t another wine store around that has the skill set and accumulated knowledge and experience that the Fairways team has. Larry Andrews, the owner of Fairways Wine Vault, owned a high-end restaurant on 5th Avenue in Naples, and that restaurant won an award for the #1 wine list in Southwest Florida. Andrew Carmody, head wine buyer and consultant of Fairways, has been in wine all of his life. He has completed his degree of Master of Wine Technology & Viticulture and is a graduate in Oenology (wine making). He has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the wine market and has worked at many top vineyards and wineries around the world. Cheryl Pifer, Manager of Fairways, started out as a distributor at Anheuser Busch in Michigan and Wisconsin, and although beer was a large facet, over time her love for wine started to shine through. She has a passion for wine and takes pride in the collection she makes available to her customers.

One thing that stood out was how much fun the staff seems to have. Cheryl said it best.
“We get to do this for a living. We get to share our knowledge and passion for wine with everyone that walks through these doors and when they leave, usually, they’ve found a new hidden gem they have to tell all their friends about.”

If you want to actually see the different types of wines Fairways has to offer, and want to know more about the staff, you can visit their website for more information. Our team worked with Cheryl to create a website that was not only impactful, but a website that represents her staff in the right way, and that’s what it’s all about.

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