Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do I begin?

Everything starts with a consultation and needs analysis. Regardless if it is for a logo design, web site or any other of our services it is important to get to know the client and what they need.

2.What do I need to prepare for a Logo Design?

Through the consultation we try to establish color choice, basic creative direction and understanding of what your want. In doing so we ask that colors and or specific text be something you research if you want it to be very specific.

3.What do I need to prepare for WebSite development?

We have a step by step system, so we require information when needed. We do suggest that you know your company and all facets of what you will want on your website and what functions and capabilities would be most useful to the success of your business.

4.As far as images on the web site… who supplies them?

There is really two ways. The first is we can add in an image budget and go through our means to review and select images for your web site. The second is to either purchase images yourself or take specific pictures for images that will be utilized on the site.

5.What is considered a RUSH job?

For most things we take into account the estimated hours of completion on a project and that we have a typical 3 day minimum turn around. If someone needs something done the same day or next day this is usually a RUSH job and is charged a RUSH cost.

6.Do you host the websites you develop?

We do host our clients websites that do not already have a hosting account somewhere else. We also offer a client safe guard program that ensures the security and updating of their website on a monthly basis. Additionally we back up each site on our servers weekly.

7.How accessible is support and uncharged consultations?

We do try our best to be accessible to our clients. We do hope that once a client becomes familiar with their website they will contact us via email first to discuss options and possible costs to additional support or consultation.

8.How is pricing and estimates established?

We estimate almost everything based per the hour. We have a set hourly fee and at times we discount this hourly fee to approach certain clients with what they would consider a fair cost. We never keep hidden anything that will cost a client additional fees unknown to them. We keep things very transparent.

9.When a site is launched, how long do I have for direct support?

We try to keep as a standard 45 days after launch of your website we will do our best to assist on knowledge base and understanding your website and how to use it (if applicable). Once we provide a walk through and demonstration of your web site we create and send you specific tutorials either in video format or in written format with screenshots. The first thirty days after launch is a critical time. We look at this as live testing.

10.Who’s responsibility is it to understand the website and it’s functionality?

We already understand the system we create. We do our best to educate the client in every means we can. Self reliance is key! The client must take time to understand what is being provided to the them. We construct many websites that have custom programming or specific sections or plugin features that the client must operate. Typically all the plugins are incorporated into the website itself and the they are of open source that the client can find and research and use information on this product. We are up front with what we are going to do and how. A client must learn their website system or at a point we can take over and do it for them at a monthly cost.

11.Is there anything that we do not condone or will create advertising or a website?

We display on our website all advertising that we feel is for general audience. We do create websites and advertising for many things that are not for general viewing or recognition. We do create whatever a client wants. We are simply a provider of professional design and development services. So nothing is taboo to us. We just won’t display it.