Hole In One Golf Carts – Naples, Florida

Looking for a golf cart? Need service or new parts? Look no further, Hole In One Golf Carts, located in Naples and Cape Coral, FL is the one-stop shop for all of your golf cart needs, catering to all of Southwest Florida.

Meet Calvin and Robin Carter. They are industry experts with 25 years of experience and have been the owners of Hole In One Golf Carts for 15 years. Starting out with just one mechanic back in 2000, they have grown the company into 2 locations and 12 employees. We know what you’re thinking, just another place that sells golf carts right? Wrong.

“We do everything we possibly can for both our year round residents and our snowbirds”, said Calvin. “With us, they can buy, rent, or lease golf carts and utility vehicles. We also offer the largest selection of wheels and tires to choose from. But most importantly, in our opinion at least, people can utilize our terrific service department by having us transport their vehicle to our shop, or we can even service your vehicle at your location.”

You heard him right. Calvin and Robin offer something that hardly any of their competitors offer… they do nearly all repairs and services onsite. This is the personalized touch that Hole In One provides to their loyal customers. It’s no surprise as to why the company has been so successful. Anyone can sell golf carts, but the only way to truly retain customers is to pay attention and care about them after the sale (which is true for many professions).

“You see and hear about it every day, at least we do”, added Calvin. “There are many golf cart companies that act as used car salesmen, delivering their best sales pitch, getting your signature and rushing you out the door. And then when you need something, whether it be a part, service, or routine maintenance, they’re impossible to deal with and charge an arm and a leg. We are a family run business who strives to provide the best quality product and service for a very fair and reasonable price.”

Do you have an outdated golf cart? Do you wish your cart looked or performed better? If so, take a ride over to Hole In One or give them a call. Their skilled technicians can upgrade your cart to include performance accessories, lift kits, seat box conversions and a lot more. Like we mentioned before, Hole In One is truly your one-stop shop for all of your golf cart needs. As Calvin likes to say, “Contact Hole In One Golf Carts to get you rolling!”

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