How Much Does a Website Cost?

The dreaded question. “How much?” If you’re like most people, you’ve tried an online “cost calculator” but it’s never accurate. It’s always vague, and leaves you with a big gap of what you might spend. Pricing is without a doubt the “elephant” in the proverbial room. Most designers and developers never seem to publish their rates, and most companies never want to tell you what they themselves forked over for their site.

So how much does a typical website cost? First we’ll give you the answer you can’t get enough of:

It depends…

However, continue reading and we’ll break down the true costs, in our opinion, of what it takes to build and design a professional website in today’s world.

Note: Yes, we are a marketing company that designs & develops websites while providing many other services, but this is purely an informative article that will help you better understand what you might want, and what you might spend on a website.

FREE Website Builders


Maybe your budget is paper thin, maybe you have an interest in learning to build your own site, or maybe you just want to find something free online to start you off in the right direction. This is ok! Again… This is ok. There are many marketing firms that will tell you the free online builders are worthless. Well a professional advertising agency is telling your right now that these free website builders are not worthless. Just like anything in life, they come with advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important you know what those differences are.

There are many website builders that will help you design your website for free… Wix, Weebly, Yola, Moonfruit, Google Business etc.


  • Great for tight or zero dollar budgets.
  • Very little time investment to produce something basic for users to view.
  • Hundreds of templates for various industries.


  • Website may lack security. If one site is hacked, it’s likely ALL of them using this system will be defaced.
  • E-commerce functionality for these sites need major improvements, if offered, and often comes with hidden usage fees.
  • Advanced functionality is limited to number of plugins available, if any, in the website builder program.
  • Templates do not provide a professional look. Realize that templates are what they are… Templates! Visitors will usually not be blown away and this could reflect poorly on your brand.
  • The domain names that are given to you are not very professional, therefore, will not help much in regards to Google rankings. Google often tends to not take these free sites seriously.
  • Limited website traffic and/or page count restrictions may also be enforced.

I know we showed more disadvantages than advantages, but this is truly what you are dealing with. If you have no desire for functionality, and are just interested in a visually appealing template for your site, building your site through a free website builder may actually be a great option for you.

One other factor to think about, however, is your time.

If you’re like most small business owners out there, building a website for your business is going to take time. Make sure not to hold your breath when these free website builders tell you your website can be built “in just a few minutes”. If you’re looking for a professionally designed website to represent your business and ultimately increase your ROI… this process will take more “minutes” than you think. So please, If you’re juggling between Do it Yourself or going with a Pro, remember not to leave out the cost of your time in building the site. Delegating this task to an expert will also let you focus on what you do better than anything else — managing your business.

Before we get into the specific breakdowns, it’s important to realize that all professional websites should be built in a responsive format, utilizing a CMS (Content Management System)… Which is how we build ours. Below are some examples of pricing and breakdowns we offer clients depending on their needs and potential starting budget.

What a Basic Website Costs!

$1,500 – $2,500


Low end: a simple, basic website that is professionally designed and developed with no frills and only a few pages. Included, (besides the responsive design & CMS system) is initial SEO meta & Analytics, email set-up assistance if hosting with us, a privacy policy page to state that you do not sell, lease, or rent any information submitted on your site, and a walk-through of functionality and management capabilities on your new website.


High end: include option A, and includes additional pages or sections, roughly 5 to 7. This price could include some additional functionality like a Google Places set-up, social profile set-up, custom graphic sliders, or “Call to Action” graphics.

What a Small Business Website Costs!

$2,500 – $4,000


Low end: include Options A & B, and will include additional pages or sections, roughly 7 to 10. This price often includes multiple custom graphic sliders, social media feeds, and “Call to Action” graphics.


High end: include Options A through C, and will include additional pages or sections, roughly 10 to 12. This price might include a blog set-up, image gallery set-up, an events calendar set-up, a Site Security Set-up (SSL), or an additional objective-specific form.

What a Custom Website Costs!

$4,000 – $10,000


Low end: include Options A through D, and will include additional pages or sections, roughly 12 to 14. This price might include some free stock photography images to be used for the site and possible membership functionality. This price might also include an e-commerce set-up for cart to client processing.


High end: include Options A through E, and will include additional pages or sections, no more than 20. This price may include e-commerce functionality, free Q&A support with tutorial directions, processing gateway integration, and possible custom scripting and programming solutions based on customer’s needs.

You should also be aware that some websites will cost more than $10,000 to build. How is this possible? If you want all of the good stuff (social networking, e-commerce, blogging, etc.), paired with radical customization, and complemented with industry leading design components, then you have to realize this work can only be done by a small percentage of web design companies. Fortunately, we have both the resources and manpower to produce the functionality these sites require.

Bottom Line

This is not a complete list of website specifics we provide, but more of a general description of things you can expect at different prices. Even though it’s far past cliche, the old saying of “you get what you pay for” is more than relevant when discussing this topic. If your main objective is to just “have a website”, some of these free website builders may work perfectly for you. However, if you’re a business owner, and you want to use this site as a business tool in order to ultimately increase ROI and your bottom line, you will be better off going with a professional website design company.

One final thing to remember: Websites are all about generating trust from your potential customers, but this is something that has to be done NOW… Many business owners tend to overlook how important first impressions are to your brand awareness. With the changes and evolution of our visually-driven, digital technology world, you don’t get a second chance to make that first impression.