Logo Design

 Branding Your Business Effectively!

We create strong logo design and branding identities for businesses, companies, and organizations. We love to design logos and it shows with our creative logo design concepts and finished designs. We begin with a strong representation of your business that displays the appropriate message with the highest impact.

We understand how important a first impression is to the consumer or client. We know that it is important to to be recognized and branded effectively with the right logo. At CHP Advertising we believe you can have an impacting logo created professionally at an affordable price. Every logo design starts with a series of mock designs that show the direction we are taking. The client then chooses a direction and from there we create a final logo design your company or business can be proud of.

Each logo designed is an original creation we do not use clip art unless the client has elements to integrate with their logo that are considered clip art or clip art like.

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