CHP Advertising

Southwest Florida Based Marketing Agency LW Marketing and Consulting LLC Announces Acquisition of CHP Advertising.

Marketing Companies Are Now Positioned To Offer Strategic Marketing to Businesses Throughout North America.

[Bonita Springs, FL] February 23, 2015 – LW Marketing has announced their acquisition of CHP Advertising, bringing together two companies that can offer the highest quality and most diversified strategic marketing services available, both locally and nationally. Now, both LW Marketing and CHP’s existing clients can benefit from the top-notch marketing services that LW Marketing and Consulting, LLC has always provided, combined with CHP Advertising’s specific skill set, including graphic design, logo creation, website development, and various print media.

“Since LW Marketing began the initial integration of CHP Advertising into our operations in July of 2014, the atmosphere has been electric,” said Palma Frable, Marketing Manager of LW Marketing. “We are looking toward the bright future and the merging of these two similar, yet markedly different, companies. We are now better equipped than ever to handle a broader set of needs for our current and prospective clients.”

The decision to bring CHP Advertising on board with LW Marketing was a strategic one. Both companies wanted to fashion the most effective way to maintain and bolster the services they were offering their clients. The founder of CHP Advertising, Chris Fries, recognized that partnering with LW Marketing would allow CHP’s current clients access to a vast array of resources and an even larger team of creative designers and website developers. In addition to the creative enhancements, LW Marketing has a more diversified team, including a highly skilled marketing and business development staff. As these experienced team members provide comprehensive analytical and value-added services, the choice for Chris and CHP Advertising to join forces with LW Marketing was simple.

LW Marketing, combined with CHP Advertising, has been able to expand their offerings and range of capabilities. As a result, LW Marketing now provides more services to their clients than ever, including SEO and channel marketing. LW Marketing has always been in the business of finding the right marketing solutions for their clients and, with the knowledge and experience that the CHP Advertising team brings, they are only getting better.

About LW Marketing:
LW Marketing is a full-service, comprehensive marketing agency that provides marketing services both locally and across North America, for a diversified range of clients. Together with CHP Advertising, LW Marketing provides clients with website and graphic design, logo creation, website development, print and promotional collateral, and SEO along with social media channel strategy. LW Marketing heavily emphasizes channel marketing, in addition to other marketing strategies, which bridges the gaps between manufacturers, distributors, value-added resellers and end users, which ultimately results in a more significant ROI for everyone involved. LW Marketing helps their clients stand out from their competitors. Both LW Marketing and CHP Advertising are committed to excellence and to the success of their programs for their clientele.

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