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There are many people out there who just don’t know what to look for when it comes to distinguishing a professionally designed website from the website their 13 year old nephew designed in 2 days.  And if you’re one of these people, we’re here to tell you that IT’S OKAY!

We are here to educate, period.  We want to tell you the benefits of a professionally designed website so you not only make a knowledgeable decision down the road when you decide to get your own, but make a decision that will ultimately increase your bottom line.

It’s like this gang:  If you’re going hunting, would you bring dull arrows?  If that’s all you have, it’s not life or death, you just won’t shoot anything.  Having that sharp arrow will not only provide you confidence, but will give you the actual ability to snatch your prey.  That’s what a website is, it’s a weapon, and you’re most important one at that.  Don’t let your potential customers slip through your fingers because your website wasn’t impressive or professional enough.  It’s all about that first impression, you won’t always get a second “shot”.


The worst feeling in the world is stressing out about whether or not your potential customers will be able to view your site properly, praying they pull it up on their computer because you know it’s a mess to look at on a phone or tablet.

A professional website should include a design with responsive formatting, meaning your website will respond to your customer’s screen size and platform.  I mean let’s just think about how cool that is for a second.  Your website will have the technology to AUTOMATICALLY respond to the user’s preferences.  This is big time, and imperative if you want your website to be successful.


Commonly known as Search Engine Optimization.  Ladies and gentlemen, SEO is an investment, but an investment with a HIGH return.  Look, we understand you just spent some major coin on your site, but Google still doesn’t know who you are.  It’s like this…

Josh is the new kid at school, and with the big event coming up, he wants to make a great first impression.  He rents a limo, is dressed to the 9’s, and even has white doves that fly out as he makes his grand entrance.  He enters the party, everyone looks him up and down for a split second, and before you know it, they’re back to dancing.  What happened?  Well first, they don’t know who Josh is.  They don’t care about the fancy car and how he’s dressed.  What Josh has to do is NOT take it personally.  Being popular takes TIME.  After awhile, these people will get to know him, and over time, he will have a better shot at being the life of the party.  In the meantime, Josh needs to continue to make friends, go to every function possible, and network his brains out.  The more people that are talking about Josh, the more popular he will be.

That’s what SEO is all about.  It’s about being popular and staying popular.  Having a visually stunning website is great, but the search engines don’t care.  They care about you and your content.  It’s up to you to provide the things they want.  It’s important to remember that SEO is a big deal, and because it’s a big deal, it should be handled by a professional.  If done right, this professional will get you qualified leads and will transform them into cash-spending customers.


Let’s take a look at this from a different angle now.  We know that SEO is great for your website, but it’s still not enough to drive in sales on its own.  There are some people who know how imperative SEO is to their website success, and unfortunately, that’s the only thing on their mind.

Let’s meet Josh’s brother, Mark.  Mark is ahead of the game.  He knows that in order to become popular at school, he has to focus on networking and meeting as many people as he possibly can.  Mark wants to be popular, however, just like every other kid his age, his mind is on one thing: Women (customers).  Here is the problem.  Mark has gotten so concerned about his popularity, that he has not been keeping up with his appearance.  He wears the same clothes every day, has bags under his eyes from lack of sleep, looks as if he hasn’t seen a shower in quite some time, and drives a 1971 Ford Pinto.  While it’s true that many people are talking about him, it’s not in the greatest light.  If he wants a legitimate shot with some of the ladies (customers) he’s interested in, he’ll not only have to talk the talk, but walk the walk.

Did we all understand that?  Popularity (high search engine ranking) + Appearance (visually appealing design) equals a truly successful website.  Some business owners are so focused on their search engine ranking that they end up neglecting the design and appearance of their site, which is equally as important as their content.


The qualities listed above are not the only things that should be implemented into a site to make it successful, but act as a great start and a foundation for good ROI.  If you haven’t paid attention to what i’ve been saying so far, at least pay close attention to this last tip…  A professionally designed and developed website may seem costly up front, but this cost will seem like pennies down the road if you do not get your website done right the first time around.  So plan ahead, and hire a professional marketing company or website design firm from the start in order to put your internet marketing endeavors on the right track.