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On Thursday, January 8th, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Milena DePaula, the Pastry Chef & Co-Owner of Vanilla’s Cakes & Desserts. Milena took me through the tour of her facility and introduced me to “her baby” along the way. No, Milena doesn’t have any kids, she was referring to her Oven, which is where all the magic happens.

Milena had always loved to bake, learning from her grandma and mother at a very early age. Naturally, she picked it up quick and has loved it ever since. However, her future as a pastry chef was far from planned. Milena found herself at USF studying International Business, and although a very noble field, it clearly wasn’t her passion. After seeking advice from her friends and family, she decided to roll the dice, and immediately started saving up. Milena enrolled at the Notter School of Pastry Arts in Orlando, FL, where she mastered her basic skills and became a true artist. She learned everything she needed to learn in order to open her own shop.

Milena opened her doors on November 24th, 2014 and did it with her best friend, her mother (the other co-owner). Since launch, business has been booming.
One of the reasons for this?

“People absolutely love my logo, I receive compliments all the time on the design, so I really have to thank you guys for that.”

No problem Milena, it was our pleasure to create you a brand you feel good about.

She had a great first month, but had an explosion in the first week of the new year, baking 5 cakes in the same weekend. She tells me she’s human, but I’m not so sure. Whether you’re looking for pastries, cheesecakes, pies, chocolate and sugar art, or wedding cakes, Milena does it all. Have a birthday party, anniversary party, wedding, or some other special occasion coming up? Milena makes custom cakes specifically at your request, and gets them done quick.

You would think that Milena would be satisfied with her current arsenal of tricks in the kitchen, but you would be wrong.

“Airbrushing. That’s what I really want to master. I love decorating my cakes, but mastering this technique will allow me to get even more creative in the kitchen. I’m also very passionate about sugar and chocolate sculpting, which again, allows me to be ultra-creative.”

Vanilla's Cakes & DessertsWhat’s her favorite part of the business?

“Designing & building the wedding cakes is a close 2nd, but nothing compares to customers coming back and telling me that me cakes where the best they ever had. Hearing those compliments is precisely the reason I opened my doors.”

Don’t waste anymore time, get down to Vanilla’s Cakes & Desserts and see Milena today… I would make a recommendation but you can’t go wrong, as all of her creations are fantastic!

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