Free Website Evaluation

Our SEO expert will review & analyze your website, following up with your report and a brief phone consultation to let you know just what the doctor ordered. You will be provided with the following:

Meta Issues:
We check for page titles and meta descriptions – if they’re missing or duplicated, and, if they exist, if they’re too long or too short. In addition, it checks to make sure you didn’t forget to put your Google Analytics tracking code on the page.

Content Issues:
We find and report on pages that have duplicate content,  and low word count (250 words or less), which can be interpreted by search engines as irrelevant or low quality pages.

Image Issues:
We check every image to make sure it has ALT text and title text. It also reports on any images that are broken or missing.

Link Issues:
We check both text and image links, report if they are broken, and if they are missing anchor text or descriptive ALT text. It also reports on links that use rel=”nofollow”.

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